My dad Murray Ramsey King was born: Shmuel Moses Ginsberg on November 26, 1923. Little did he know that his parents and grandparents were from the shtel, Baligrod in Galicia. Baligrod is now located Poland but was a part of Galicia pale prior to 1900'S. My father was named after his 2 grandparents; Moses Vogel and Shmuel Yisrael Walfischdorf. I kept asking him where his family was from and all he remembered was they belonged to the Baligroder Lubavitch Shul in Manhattan, New York. (by the way, of course I called the Baligroder Shul about 5 times asking for records, names and zilch, they had nothing)

This is Grandpa Jacob Ginsberg, born  December 1888 in Baligrod. He did not know the day he was born and died in the Bronx on November 6, 1948. He was the son of Samuel Yisrael Walfischdorf.  Grandpa Jacob was in the shmata business and was a tailor by trade and later in life owned and manufactured women's dresses. His company was The Martian Dress Company which was on Martine Avenue in White Plains, New York.

A bit scary and looks like life was hard

Here is one where Grandpa Jacob actually is  happy
with Grandma Rosie Fogel and Murray Ginsberg

What I knew about the family name WALFISCHDORF
The Ellis Island  myth name change story was passed on to the Ginsberg family which goes like this: At Ellis Island, the officials could not spell the name Walfischdorf which was the family surname so they took Jacob's mother's maiden name was was Ginsberg. I do not believe this tale and after speaking to a rabbi in my hometown who specializes in Jewish genealogy he suggested that the marriage was either banned or the name was changed before they got on the ship to New York. My brother Richard told me at my dad's funeral last April 2012 that dad's grandfather was a rabbi. Was the Rabbi in our family my great grandpa Samuel Yisrael Walfischdorf? Why was my grandpa's surname not Walfischdorf?

Here is the original marriage record of my grandparents: Jacob Ginsberg to Rosie Fogel. (Note that of the witnesses is Selig Grossinger, founder of the Grossinger's Hotel in borsch belt, Catskills, New York. We were also told that the Grossingers were our cousins.

 In my research of my Galician paternal side of the family I spent about 2 weeks looking and digging for Walfischdorfs, Walfishdorf, and variations of spelling. Ancestry.com had none,  Jewishgen had none. I went to the Yad Vashem website and nervously typed in WALFISHFORF. I can still feel my body go numb when numerous Walfizdors names popped up under the victims list. Reading the testimony and shoah record: JANKEL WALFIZCHDORF son of Samuel Yisrael was murdered in the Sanok Ghetto by the Nazis made me sick to my stomach. I cried.

I cried and mourned my great Uncle's death when I saw the testimony of his death on the Yad Vashem Shoah victim's list. I was still mourning the loss of my dear mother Joan Goldberger King in 2009 and my father in 2012.. What Ginsbergs marrying cousins. This was very common back then.
 Jakow's wife was Hendel Gintzburg
 This is from Yad Vashem's victim list.

To be continued....
I am emotionally ready ( I think) to begin to work on the Ginsberg/Walfischdorf family tree again.



After the death of my dear mother, Joan Goldberger King in 2009, I picked up our family genealogy research where my mom left off. Oral history is the best. My grandma Minnie Bennett Goldberger told me many stories as a child of her family. Her mom, Annie Cohen, whom I am named after was born in Birmingham, England they lived at 11 Lynch Street for 17 years before coming to New York in 1880. Her father, Simon Cohen who was known as Samuel in England, was born in Wreschen, Posen in 1843 and was a tailor. He married Theresa Ascher in on the 5th day of February 1868 ( see attached image that I purchased from ancestry.com Uk).  His children that were the following:
Nathan Cohen 1869 – 1937 born in Birmingham, England
Louis Cohen 1870 – 1947    born in Birmingham, England
Philip Cohen 1873 – 1899 named after Pauline Ascher born in Birmingham
Anna Cohen 1869– 1939 my great granny whom I am named after born in Birmingham
birth not certain. I have to order a copy of the original from England
Esther Cohen 1878 – 1955 (Named after Ezekiel Cohen) born in Birmingham
Morris Cohen 1880 – 1944 Named after Michael Jacob Ascher) Born in New York
Eden Cohen 1880 – 1880 Born in Birmingham, died coming over to America or in America
Nettie Cohen 1882 – 1955 named after Nettie Baum Cohen BORN in New York
Theresa Ascher Cohen 1847-1931

Feb. 5, 1868 Wedding Certificate from Birmingham, Warkwickshire, England of Samuel Cohen and Theresa Ascher.

Theresa Ascher Cohen 1847-1931 and Simon Cohen 1843-1926

Simon Cohen  1843-1926

Family Time

Taking the ferry over to Balboa Island 2012


CHINESE NEW YEAR- Year of the Dog


My Happy Childhood Days Circa 1965 Roslyn, New York

Dedicated to my baby brother Brad, who I thought was my child for many years!


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Estee's Violin Recital # 2

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